Tamalyn Dallal

Welcome! (In Egypt, they say "Ahlan Wasahlan.")

Tamalyn Dallal has dedicated her life to Raqs Sharqi (AKA “Bellydance.”) She dances it as a daily practice for health, healing, exercise and relaxation. This dance is a “miracle dance” that reduces stress, helps us appreciate and love Egyptian, Turkish and Levantine music and culture.

October Online Classes/In Person Classes and Workshops

Monday Classes


Monday Classes


Mondays, 7:30-8:30am CDT
"Dancing from the Inside Out (And the Outside In)"
Exploring personal space, and the space around you... What the music calls for and how it feels different.
5 Mondays, Oct. 2-30 (includes a bonus class)

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm CDT
Choreography to "Maktub" from the Brazilian series "The Clone" and the impact that media (and specifically this show) had on the Oriental dance world.
4 Tuesdays, Oct. 3-24 (No class on Halloween)

Thursdays, 12 Noon -1pm CDT
"Rhythm, Tempo, Phrasing and Melody" Uniting them in our body and our dance.
4 Thursdays, Oct. 5-26

In Person Workshops/Shows 

San Antonio, TX
Tamalyn will be teaching and performing at the "Go Live" Music and Dance Conference, October 6-8.
This event is the creation of renown dancer, Karen Barbee. Featuring The National Arab Orchestra, Takht Ensemble, George Lammam, and more.
For info and registration, visit:

Multiple Online Classes on the Datura Online site

Instructional: "Hands and Arms," "The Gravitational Pull of the Earth," "Isolations, Integration and Layers," "Complex Hip Movements, Relaxed" and "Layered Shimmies"

Documentaries "Zanzibar Dance, Trance and Devotion, "Ethiopia Dances for Joy," and 40 Days and 1001 Nights"


In Person Classes in New Orleans

Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm
"Shimmer" Bellydance Basics
For all levels. Ongoing
$60 per month or $18 drop in.
10 classes, used within 10 wk., $120
At: "The Movement Collective"
3921 St. Claude Ave, (Bywater)
New Orleans

Special Holiday Workshop Video Series (Available Dec. 1-31)

Tamalyn will offer these workshops on Google Drive...Treat yourself or treat a friend as a gift.

"Scheherezad (Shahrazad)"
The story, from 1001 Nights, the classical music, from Rimsky Korsakov, its inspiration and adoption into Middle Eastern music and dance.
We will dance to and have special exercises to a variety of fascinating versions.

"Bolero, from Cuba, Across the Globe"
It's a rhythm, a type of romantic music, a style of dance, and it's made its way into bellydance/Middle Eastern music. And then, there is "Ravel's Bolero" - from the symphony to the quarter tones of Middle Eastern music. Approaches and explorations of Bolero in bellydance.

"Remembering Eric Satie"
The music of this French pianist has captured the imagination of musicians throughout the Middle East, and it is inspirational for us to dance to. Let's dance together into the holidays and 2024 with the song "Gnossienne."