For the Holidays: Workshop Series "Inspirations" Classical Music Meets Middle Eastern


Tamalyn will offer these special workshops from December 1- Jan. 1 on Google Drive...Treat yourself or treat a friend as a gift.  
"Scheherezad (Shahrazad)"
The story from 1001 Nights/ The classical music, by Rimsky Korsakov
We will dance to, learn about, and have special exercises to a variety of fascinating versions

"Bolero, from Cuba, Across the Globe"
It's a rhythm, a type of romantic music, a style of dance, and it fits beautifully into bellydance/Middle Eastern music. We will also dance to "Ravel's Bolero" Explorations of Bolero in bellydance

"Gnossienne" Remembering Eric Satie 
Gnossienne has captured the imagination of musicians in the Middle East, and it is inspirational for us to dance to. Learn what you can do with this beautiful music.